Earth is Unquestionably Growing and Expanding

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Scientific Paper
Title Earth is Unquestionably Growing and Expanding
Author(s) Lawrence S Myers
Keywords Expanding Earth
Published 2008
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 5
Number 2
Pages 171-178


The long-running debate about whether the Earth is expanding can finally be terminated. The verdict: The Earth is undoubtedly growing and expanding, and has been for its entire existence. Its age is impossible to know because a starting point cannot be deter-mined, but it will continue to grow and expand until it eventually reaches the size of Jupiter, and may become another Sun in the Uni-verse. The debate ended with the realization that all of today's oceans are relatively young (less than 250 million years old), although they now cover 71% of the planet, and have added 40% to its size. This is prima facie evidence the planet was much smaller 250 million years ago and could not have been created in its present size from a solar cloud of gas and dust about 4.6 billion years ago as postulated by Immanuel Kant in 1755 and now believed and taught by most scientists. Why this theory has been perpetuated for more than 250 years is a question the scientific community must think about. This new revelation automatically removes the rationale for invention of the false concept of subduction to maintain Earth at its present diameter! So, with one simple and logical insight both Kant's nebular hypothesis and the false concept of subduction are rendered null and void. Subduction has never been proved and is physically im-possible due to the countervailing internal pressure of tectonic force, a force greater than that of gravity, the mechanism that controls the Solar System and its planets. This article aka "Debate Over - Earth Unquestionably Growing and Expanding"