Einstein's Time Dilation Experimentally Refuted

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Scientific Paper
Title Einstein\'s Time Dilation Experimentally Refuted
Author(s) Peter Ripota
Keywords relativity, time dilation
Published 2009
Journal None


Did you know that two scientists at CERN (Switzerland) disproved Einsteins time-dilation through an ingenious experiment, as early as 1996? Antoine Suarez and Valerio Scarani shot a laser beam into a crystal made of potassium, niobium and oxygene, thereby producing two 'entangled' beams or photons. One of them was sent to the city of Bernex, the other to the city of Bellevue, about 10 kilometers apart. The detector in Bellevue was rotated very fast, so that its velocity (at the periphery) neared that of light. Therefore, a time dilation should ensue, and one of the photons should arrive earlier than the other. This could be measured through a phase-shift between the two beams. No such phase-shift was be observed. Conclusion: There is no time dilation. We may go one step further and say: There is no special relativity.