Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year

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Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year
"A suburban housewife takes on the icon of 20th century physics only to find miracles along the way."
theatrical release poster
Directed by David de Hilster
Produced by David de Hilster, Andrea Tucker, Nick Tamburri
Written by David de Hilster, Andrea Tucker, Nick Tamburri
Narrated by David de Hilster
Music by Michael Ruggieri
Cinematography David de Hilster
Edited by David de Hilster, Jack Sherman, Andrea Tucker, Nick Tamburri
Release date
  • January 2014 (2014-01)
Running time
91 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $170,000

A documentary film about a suburban housewife and her family who take on Einstein and his theory of relativity. Director and son David de Hilster takes his mother Pat de Hilster on a journey to meet scientists working outside the mainstream who have shown Einstein's theory to be wrong. Scientist Robert de Hilster and Geoff Hunter along with David de Hilster work on an experiment by Dr. Ricardo Carezani to try and find out if gravity is caused by a particle. On the way, several miracles happen with the family - all during the 100th anniversary of Einstein's "miracle" year.


The film follows Pat de Hilster as she visits promiment scientists who work outside mainstream science. She talks to GPS expert Ron Hatch, a scientist at Stanford Linear Accelerator, a mathematician from MIT, and a former NASA scientist - all who have things to say about the validity of Einstein's [[special relativity|special and general relativity.

Also in the film scientist and engineer Robert de Hilster along with mechanical engineer Geoff Hunter build an experiment to find out of gravity is a particle as described by physicist Dr. Ricard Carezani. The family goes through several crisis and get through them, eventually presenting their findings at a dissident science conference at the University of Connecticut.


The film project was started by director David de Hilster in hopes on getting the work of thousands of scientists around the world who work outside mainstream science and who have been for decades challenging the big bang, relativity, and plate tectonics theory. Funds were raised by donations from scientists within the dissident community and equipment was bought in 2005. Production ran from 2005 to 2011 and took two years of post production work.

The original music was written by Michael Ruggieri including a theme song an music video.

Theatrical Release

The documentary was submitted to over 80 festivals world-wide and although it made several it into the finals, it was only screened once. Currently, the film can be seen [ondemand on vimeo.

World Premier

The world premier took place at the Long Beach Arts Theater on December 7, 2013.

Film Festival Awards

Einstein Wrong won the best documentary award at the SciFlix film festival in Boca Raton Florida in 2015.

Rejection of the Film

Director David de Hilster has described the wholesale rejection of the film not because of its artistic merit, but because as he believes, film festivals "gatekeepers" are intellectual who often worship Einstein and the idea that he could be wrong is quickly labeled as crackpot. Layman audiences have enjoyed the film at screenings and online and are not put off by the subject.