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Bob de Hilster
Bob de Hilster
Born (1937-08-21)August 21, 1937
Residence Boca Raton, FL, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Particle Model, Gravity, Light, Electricity
Scientific career
Fields Electrical Engineer

Robert de Hilster is an Amercian scientist and retired electrical engineer best known for his work on The Particle Model with his son David de Hilster and his solution to the wave-particle duality in light. He was also one of the main personalities in his son's feature-length documentary film Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year (2005). He is the author of three books including one on gravity entitled Gravity is Not Free, a second book Principia Mathematica 2 which is based on the Particle Model developed by himself and his son David de Hilster, and a third book entitled The Four Universal Motions in Physics.

Early Life

Robert "Bob" de Hilster was born on August 21, 1937 in Wyndotte Michigan to a Dutch father, and an American mother. Bob went to a Lutheran school through 10th grade when he attended Wyandotte High School in Michigan where he met his future wife Pat de Hilster. In 1957, he married Pat and moved to Ann Arbor Michigan where he obtained an engineering physics degree. While in college, he and his wife had their first son, David de Hilster.

Professional Career

Robert de Hilster worked as an electrical engineer in research for over 40 years, specializing in the area of telecommunications in which he holds several patents. He worked on one of the first large commercial computers, the Remington-Rand Univac. He worked over twenty years for North Electric in Ohio developing digital switching systems. Robert then worked for another 20 years for Itec in Huntsville Alabama working again in the area of telecommunications. After retiring, he and some colleagues formed their own company working on portable lights for runways among other projects. Robert retired in 2005 after folding this small company.

Wave-Particle Duality

In 2015, Robert de Hilster found a possible solution to the wave-particle duality while trying to come up with a way in which to describe light waves as particles. Robert proposed that light is made of waves of particles traveling together at the speed of light like waves of bombers. This allows not only for a frequency, but for intensities for light waves. This became one of the four universal motions in physics as described by Robert and his son David which first appeared in their book Principia Mathematica 2.

Robert de Hilster's solution to the wave-particle duality.
Cover of the book David authored by he and his father Bob de Hilster Principia Mathematica 2

Current Work

In 2006, Bob started work on a gravity experiment to try and detect gravity as a particle. Since then, he has developed his own equation for gravity that is based on a cloud of forces allow him to simulate any physical setup.  De Hilster has also looked into his gravity equation explaining anomalies in orbits, planet rotation, dark matter, to name a few. Robert is one of the main characters in the documentary film Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year coming out in late 2013.

Robert has written a book on gravity called Gravity is Not Free and is currently co-authoring the book Principia Mathematica 2 with his son David de Hilster describing what they call the first complete physical model of the entire universe based on the Particle Model. Bob continues to use the basic ideas from his gravity equation and has applied it to circuit theory. It should also be applicable to other areas of physics.

In late 2017, Bob started a YouTube channel The Particle Guru where he makes videos describing various aspects with the Particle Model.

Bob is currently working on a second book with son David called The Four Universal Motions in Physics which is also part of a documentary film by Javier Perez on the subject and on the father-son scientific collaboration.

Cover of a second book David authored by he and his father Bob de Hilster The Four Universal Motions in Physics


1960 B.S. in Engineering Physics from the University of Michigan


Bob is widowed (married to Patricia de Hilster) and has four children: David, Karan, Laurie, and Michael, along with many grandchildren and great grandchildren. He is retired and currently lives and works in Boca Raton Florida near his first son David.


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