Electric Field Propulsion Concepts from Independent Researchers

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Scientific Paper
Title Electric Field Propulsion Concepts from Independent Researchers
Author(s) Charles A Yost
Keywords acoustic propulsion, T. T. Brown, charge deposition, coherent thread, levitation, longitudinal waves, pulsed electrostatic fields, Tesla, Wardenclyffe, wiggle wand
Published 1997
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 22
Pages 24-32


Twenty-four poster papers were presented to NASA at the Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Workshop, August 12-13, 1997. One paper presented materials submitted by various ESJ networkers pertaining to the use of interactive electrodynamic fields for propulsion. According to one concept, pulsed electrostatic potential waves would be generated and transmitted in longitudinal form from the surface of electrodes. Intense, nonlinear, polarizing waves would thereby extend into the surrounding space, and it is possible that a precision system could pulse, phase and direct them to develop reaction forces on surrounding objects, media and space fields.