Electrostatic Fusion at the University of Illinois

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Scientific Paper
Title Electrostatic Fusion at the University of Illinois
Author(s) Leslee A Kulba
Keywords inertial electrostatic confinement, fusors, George Miley, University of Illinois
Published 1998
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 23
Pages 14-16


Inertial electrostatic confinement (IEC) is the process by which neutrons are reproduced in a plasma. Tabletop IEC devices, informally referred to as fusors, were first operated in the 1950s. (See ?Fusors,? by Richard Hull on pages 6-12.) More recently, conceptual design studies, undertaken at the Universities of Illinois and Wisconsin, explored the potential for IEC applied to large-scale power generation and space propulsion. This is a brief review of an article sent to ESJ by the author, George Miley.