Estimating the Strength of Water-Arc Explosions

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Scientific Paper
Title Estimating the Strength of Water-Arc Explosions
Author(s) Peter Graneau
Keywords Ampere forces, water-arc explosions, expansion forces, water and electrodynamic forces
Published 1991
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 2
Number 1
Pages 3-9


The paper mentions the essential experimental and theoretical facts which rule out heat as being the driving force of water-arc explosions. The only reasonable explanation of these powerful explosions is the presence in the water of electrodynamic forces. The pinch forces are shown to make a negligible contribution to the arc expansion forces. The analysis had, therefore, to be directed toward longitudinal Ampere forces and their hydrostatic translation to lateral outward pressure. Only order of magnitude estimates have so far been made of Ampere-pressure generation in liquid conductors. It is hoped the paper will be the beginning of the development of an Ampere magneto-hydrostatic theory.