Eugene I Shtyrkov

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Eugene I. Shtyrkov
Eugene I. Shtyrkov
Born (1936-12-22)December 22, 1936
Residence 429029 Kazan, Russia
Nationality Russian
Known for Ether, Redshift
Scientific career
Fields Professor of Physics

Education: * 1968 - PhD in quantum electronics from Kazan State University, Kazan

  • 1985 - Doctor of Physics in optics from State Optical Institute, St. Petersburg
  • 1990 - Academic rank of Professor

Career/Employment: * 1959-1971 State Optical Institute of Applied Optics (engineer, senior research assistant, Head of Quantum Electronics Lab)

  • 1971-present Kazan Physical-Technical Institute of Science Academy of Russia (senior research assistant, Head of Transient Laser Spectroscopy Lab., principal researcher)

Research Activities: * quantum electronics

  • nonlinear optics
  • microelectronics
  • laser light-matter interaction (laser annealing of semiconductors, resonant dynamic gratings, dynamic holography, optical transients, photon echo, etc.) based on interference of atomic states.

Publications (Over 180 publications and 20 inventions including the following):

  • First observation the forward four-wave mixing described by a dynamic gratings terminology (Shtyrkov E.I. JETP Lett,v.12,134,1970)
  • Discovery of the laser annealing of semiconductors(Shtyrkov E.I. et al.,Sov., Phys. Semicond., 9,1309,1976)
  • Theory photon-echo holography (Shtyrkov E.I. et al.., Sov.Opt.Spectroscopy. v.40,392,1976)
  • First theoretical prediction (Shtyrkov E.,Sov.Opt.Spectr.v.45,339, 1978)
  • Experimental observation of the transient grating phenomenon (Shtyrkov E. et al. JETP Lett.v.27,648,1978)
  • First observation of the backward (reversed) photon echo (ibid.)

Awards: * Twofold winner the State Prize of the Sovjet Union:

  • 1982 - scientific works cycle
  • 1970-1981 - dynamic holography
  • 1988 - induced recrystallization of semiconductors (laser annealing)

Professional Society Affiliations: * Optical Society of Russia (1990)

  • Optical Society of America (1993)

There are a lot of references in scientific literature on works (Ex., concerning the laser annealing see either C. White et al., Science, v.204, 4392, p.461, 1979; Larson B., Comm. Sol. State Physics, v.11, 4, p.151, 1984, or the transient gratings see in the book H. Eichler et al. "Laser Induced Gratings", Springer Verlag,1987, ch.3, p.40 or echo-holography in "Optical Phase Conjugation", Acad. Pres,Inc. 1983, ch.9. (John C. AuYeung, Phase conjugation from nonlinear photon echo). Lectured on subjects of optical quantum generators, optical transient phenomena (Kazan State University), dynamic holography and light induced gratings (All-Union School on holography).

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