Eugene P Savov

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Eugene P. Savov
Born (1957-12-00)December 0, 1957 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Sofia, Bulgaria
Nationality Bulgarian
Known for Vortex Theory, Unification, Big Bang, Cosmology
Scientific career
Fields Physicist

Eugene Savov is a physicist who has studied the basic problems of the solar-terrestrial relationship, big bang theory and the perplexing behavior of dynamical systems. This cutting edge research led him in 1991 to the surprising discovery of the three-dimensional spiral pattern of the long sought unifying interaction and the associated fireworks like universe beginning. He spent the next ten years tearing the current paradigms in a search for the most elegant and lucid presentation of his amazing findings.

Eugene Savov?s Theory of Interaction the Simplest Explanation of Everything (Geones Books, 2002) brings his astonishing discoveries to light after their confirmation with many observations, testable predictions and quantitative assessments.

The biography of the author and a summary of his findings and philosophies appeared in the volume Millennium Hall of Fame, published by the American Biographical Institute in 1999.

Eugene Savov graduated from the Department of Physics of Sofia University with M. Sc. degree in 1979. He works at the space physics divisions of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 1980. Savov is a member of Bulgarian Union of Scientists, American Geophysical Union, Alternative Cosmology Group and the Organizing Committee of The First Crisis In Cosmology Conference: Challenging Observations and the Quest for a New Picture of the Universe, June 23-25, 2005, Mon??o, Portugal.


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