Fifth Force

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Scientific Paper
Title Fifth Force
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Author(s) Pharis E Williams
Keywords Gravity, Non-singular Force, Fifth Force
Published 2013
Journal None
No. of pages 5

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Some 20 years ago there was considerable research done comparing the gravity felt by a test mass in deep wells, deep mines, deep in an ice pack, and on high towers. The data from this research argued that gravity below the Earth's surface began to deviate from Newtonian while gravity above the Earth's surface showed no deviation. A non-singular gravitational force shows this behaviour. Here we calculate the gravitational force on a test mass outside a sphere with uniform density and the force on a test mass inside a hollow spherical shell. the result of these calculations show that the non-singular force predicts that a test mass below the Earth's surface should be less than the Newtonian gravity while a test mass above the Earth's surface should correspond to the Newtonian prediction.