Forbidden Archeology's Impact

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Forbidden Archeology\'s Impact
Forbidden Archeology's Impact 1384.jpg
Author Michael A Cremo
Published 1998
Publisher BBT Science
Pages 592
ISBN 0-89123-283-311 Invalid ISBN

In this book Michael Cremo documents how mainstream science reacted with ridicule, threats, and intimidation to Forbidden Archeology's challenges to current theories of human evolution. In this provocative compilation of reviews, correspondence, and media interviews, readers get a stunning inside view at how the book itself almost became a victim of the "knowledge filter."

Forbidden Archeology's Impact offers readers an inside look at how mainstream science reacts with ridicule, threats, and intimidation to any challange to its deeply-held beliefs. Since 1993, when the controversial book Forbidden Archeology was first published, it has shocked the scientific world with extensive evidence for extreme human antiquity. It documents hundreds of anomalies in the archeological record that contradict the prevailing theory and shows how this massive amount of evidence was systematically 'filtered' out. How did the scientific estabilishment respond to this cogent challange to its deeply-held beliefs? Forbidden Archeology's Impact documents the explosive reactions to this underground classic.

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