Fringe Science Conferences

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Scientific Paper
Title Fringe Science Conferences
Author(s) Charles A Yost
Keywords IANS, International Symposium on New Energy, SSE, Society for Scientific Exploration
Published 1996
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 18
Pages 18-20


Yost attended two conferences which, combined, covered the wide field known as fringe science ? from overunity devices and Tesla speculations to alien visitation and the paranormal. He has attended such gatherings since 1984, both as a presenter and a spectator. Despite being an engineer and a practitioner of hard science, Yost has been venturing out onto the fringe since he was a teenager. His explorations have encompassed the metaphysical and the spiritual to a degree that has embedded strong positive impressions of this reality. The two conferences reviewed here shared much the same outlook and mindset, but were handled quite differently.