Generalized Sagnac Effect

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Scientific Paper
Title Generalized Sagnac Effect
Author(s) Ruyong Wang
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Published 2004
Journal Physical Review
Volume 93
Number 14
No. of pages 3
Pages 143901


Physical Review Letters. Experiments were conducted to study light propagation in a light waveguide loop consisting of linearly and circularly moving segments. We found that any segment of the loop contributes to the total phase difference between two counterpropagating light beams in the loop. The contribution is proportional to a product of the moving velocity v and the projection of the segment length ??l on the moving direction, ??ϕ=4??v????l/c??. It is independent of the type of motion and the refractive index of waveguides. The finding includes the Sagnac effect of rotation as a special case and suggests a new fiber optic sensor for measuring linear motion with nanoscale sensitivity.