Gordian Knots in Physics

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Scientific Paper
Title Gordian Knots in Physics
Author(s) Peter Marquardt
Keywords Gordian Knots
Published 2006
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 3
Number 2
Pages 174-177


Twentieth century physics is burdened by unnecessary pitfalls, and owes many of its troubles to unclear or false definitions, inconsistent modeling, untenable assumptions, neglected conditions, carelessly applied mathematics, careless simplifications (gedanken experiments), misunderstood experimental results, improper philosophical implications, etc. These artificial Gordian Knots must be cut before we may get back to the tremendous task of finding out a bit more about Nature. If analyzed correctly, famous experimental results do not support untenable theories that claim their fame from them. Physics blossoms when provided with a solid basis that does not have to be sacrificed if a defective theory gets into difficulties. Nature presents us with real Gordian Knots galore that have to be solved in an ingenious way. Some prominent examples will be explored.