Gravitation - A New Theory

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Scientific Paper
Title Gravitation - A New Theory
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Author(s) Peter G Bass
Keywords Gravitation, Relativity, Special, General, Minkowski, Space-Time, Temporal, Acceleration, otential, Time, Dilatation.
Published 2003
Journal Apeiron
Volume 10
Number 4
No. of pages 6

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This paper presents a new relativistic theory of gravitation as an alternative to that represented in Albert Einstein?s General Theory of Relativity. Initially, a new representation of the space-time continuum, designated the Relativistic Domain D1, is created utilising a system of complex linear coordinates.  This Domain is subsequently shown to possess all the gravitational characteristics of the General Theory, and as observed in the Solar System and beyond. A new interpretation of the gravitational phenomenon is thus made, avoiding the problems associated with an induced curvature of the space-time continuum as is required in the General Theory.