Helen Look-Yat Taylor

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Helen Look-Yat Taylor
Helen Look-Yat Taylor
Residence Greenbelt, MD, United States
Nationality USA
Known for cosmology, climatology, geology, astronomy
Scientific career
Fields journalist, author

Helen Look-Yat Taylor completed the work begun by her father on True Planetary Motions and Rhythmic Climatic Changes in October 2010, some fourteen years after his passing. She is a public relations and marketing media specialist as well as an author and journalist. She has a background in sales and marketing, public speaking and motivational teaching and a track record in property management and real estate. Her memory of her father stating once that "anyone who discovers true planetary motions would be deserving of the Noble Prize", brought her to the point of transcribing and publishing his life's work on this topic stopped short by his suicide from Parkinson's disease. Her goal is to prepare and reveal the works of her late father via this book release for consideration of entry into the annals of Science and Astronomy via the Royal Astronomical Society and the Astronomical Union.

She currently plans to take up non-credit on-line courses at MIT in a study in Astrophysics and Astronomy in her retirement and is immediately embarking upon this venture to the next phase of her life and writing career.