High Redshift Galaxies May be Clusters of Galaxies

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Scientific Paper
Title High Redshift Galaxies May be Clusters of Galaxies
Author(s) Eit Gaastra
Keywords galaxy clusters, big bang cosmology, tired light
Published 2005
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 2
Pages 30-32


Astronomical observing techniques have much improved the last decade. Objects in the faraway universe are spotted at redshifts up to z=12. Within big bang cosmology no objects can be further away than 13.7 billion light-years. However, objects with a redshift of z=12 rather may be at a distance of 140 billion light-years with tired light redshift instead of expansion redshift. Big bang astronomers mark certain objects in their early big bang universe as galaxies. A substantial part of those "galaxies" may turn out to be clusters of galaxies in an infinite universe.