Inge Schneider

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Inge Schneider
Inge Schneider
Born (1944-12-00)December 0, 1944 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Germany
Nationality German
Known for New Energy

Born in 1944 in Thun/BE, Commercial School Cerificate editorial staff trainee, proof-reader with Ringler, member of the staff at "Schweizer Jugend", press service "Production" a.s.o.; author of the booklet "No more Silent Obersvation" for the Swiss Association of MD's against Vivisection; author of "Goldkater Leo" (1975, Jupiter Publishing Company); "Coundown Apocalypse" (id;, 1995); Co-author of "Energy from the Universe" (id. 2000);

Founded Jupiter Publishing Company 1987, Itec Inc. 1998, both together with A. Schneider.