Isotopic and Genotopic Relativistic Theory

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Scientific Paper
Title Isotopic and Genotopic Relativistic Theory
Author(s) Asterios Jannussis
Keywords isotopic, genotopic, relativistic theory, isominkowskian spaces, interaction speed, space-time
Published 1994
Journal None
Pages 347-357


In the present paper we investigage the isotopic and genotopic structure in the relativistic theory, via the theory of isominkowskian spaces. According to Santilli the central assumption is that motion of particles and electromagnetic waves within inhomogeneous and anisotropic physical media implies an alteration of space-time representable via isominkowski spaces. For the isotopic case we obtain an interaction maximal speed of propagation of causal signals which is [] c (speed of light in vacuum). For the genotopic case we introduce the simple Lie-admissible complex time model in which the interaction speed is complex and leads to complex values of mass. Also by using the small-distance derivative model we obtain the Lie-admissible Wheeler - De Witt equation and new concepts concerning the connection between space-time and particles. Finally for the isotopic and genotopic causes we obtain the asymmetry of space-time and the inhomogeneity as well as the arrow of the cosmological time.