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Jeff Yee
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Residence Dublin, CA, USA
Known for Energy Wave Theory
Scientific career
Fields Science

Jeff Yee is a technology executive, with various roles in the wireless industry at AT&T, Treemo Labs, Antenna Software, Moovweb and ZTE. Jeff brings product and entrepreneurial experience to theoretical physics, as a contributor to Energy Wave Theory. As an author, Jeff provides an overview of the subatomic world and its relationship to energy, in the The Particles of the Universe series on Amazon. As he states in the first book in the series, a better understanding of the subatomic realm should lead to new and innovative products. In the second book in the series, many of the issues within the quantum domain of physics is simplified and united into classical physics.

In his latest works, Jeff has summarized the basics of Energy Wave Theory in video format on YouTube, explaining the mysteries of gravity, magnetism, particle energies and more with simple science. The videos are also available on Facebook.


Jeff Yee holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii and an M.S. in Management from Antioch University. He has been a Visiting Professor of South China Normal University since 2017.

Professional Background

Currently, Jeff Yee is the Vice President of Innovation and Partnerships at ZTE Corporation, a global leader in telecommunications equipment. He has held executive roles at ZTE leading product marketing, technology planning and business development, joining in 2014, and working out of ZTE's offices in China and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Prior to ZTE, Jeff spent a decade at wireless startup companies, including co-founding the social media company Treemo in 2006 where he served as the company's Chief Operating Officer. He went on to work at UK-based Volantis as the Sr. Director of Business Development, a startup focused on wireless carrier software for portals and application storefronts as smartphones began to emerge. After being acquired by Antenna Software in 2011, Jeff continued to serve in the same role, working with carriers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia on innovative software solutions, before joining San Francisco-based startup Moovweb in 2013.

Jeff started his career at McCaw Cellular in 1995, which was acquired by AT&T of that same year to form AT&T's first mobile company - AT&T Wireless. He started his career as a software developer while working for McCaw Cellular, before moving into product management. As the Internet grew in popularity, Mr. Yee launched AT&T Wireless' first customer service web site in 1997. Later, as a part of the original team working on the mobile Internet, Jeff led the team with many firsts for digital products, growing the mobile commerce business at AT&T Wireless to be a billion dollar per year business as the Director of Mobile Commerce, before leaving in 2006.

Early Life

Jeff Yee was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 12, 1972 to Theodore (Ted) and Patricia Yee. After moving to the east side of the island of Oahu in December, 1972, Jeff would live in the same home in Kailua, Hawaii until a semester abroad in high school. He is the oldest of three kids to Ted and Patricia - his brother Brady was born in 1974 and his sister Lyndsay was born in 1981. He spent leisure time playing baseball and soccer, and spending time at the beach. He was often found walking barefoot his elementary school - quite common for a Hawaiian kid in the 70s.

Jeff's parents divorced during his middle school years at Kailua Intermediate. During these years, he bought his first surfboard and was often found in the ocean. He credits the understanding of ocean waves and its energy for the concepts of Energy Wave Theory, which came much later in his life.

By high school, Jeff took on his first job at Arbys to save money for a plane ticket to Seattle, Washington, where he moved for the second semester of his junior year to attend Bellevue High. Jeff returned to Hawaii after one semester abroad to graduate from Kalaheo High in 1990. During these years he held leadership positions as class vice president, and then president. He played three years of varsity soccer, and was named captain of the team in his senior year. It was during high school that Jeff took his first classes in physics and chemistry.

In 1990, Jeff moved to San Diego for his freshman year of college and attended the University of San Diego on a partial scholarship, where he studied electrical engineering. He returned back to Hawaii the following year to attend and eventually graduate from the University of Hawaii, where he received a number of scholarships, including a NASA grant to study rocket propulsion of a tri-propellant engine, which he co-authored a paper along with a fellow classmate. Jeff switched his major from electrical to mechanical engineering at UH.

During his college years, Jeff was a member of the fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon, holding leadership positions, including vice president. It was during college years that he met his wife, Jennifer, whom he would later marry in 1996. After graduating in 1994, Jeff and Jennifer moved to Seattle for work.

Scientific Work

During his college years, Jeff Yee was primarily interested in space and the cosmos. He co-authored a paper on rocket propulsion as a part of the NASA grant program for undergraduates. For the next ten years, it remained a hobby but no papers were published on this topic.

In 2007, Jeff began writing a fiction time travel novel called the Laws of Time. It was during the writing of a novel that Jeff moved his interest from the cosmos to the subatomic realm of particle physics, as he researched potential theories for a realistic time travel machine for the novel. After completing the novel in 2009, Jeff continued the research into both mainstream theories and alternative theories for explaining particles and atoms. He credits the works of Dr. Milo Wolff, Gabriel LaFreniere and Xavier Borg during this time as three independent sources of different theories that led to his later works.

In 2012, Jeff published his first book on physics on Amazon, The Particles of the Universe. It was a call to action to bring more attention to Wolff and Lafreniere's work on the wave structure of matter, and a hypothesis of how various particles could be simplified to a fundamental particle - proposed to be the neutrino.

By 2014, Jeff began publishing papers with mathematical models supporting the wave structure of matter. One of the first discoveries was a similarity of the lepton family of particles (electrons and neutrinos) to atomic elements and the numbers known for stability - referred to as magic numbers. This first paper was submitted to, titled "Explaining the mass of leptons with wave structure matter". Jeff would go on to write a number of papers on the space, further refining the mathematical model to calculate particle energies and relate them to forces. By 2017, the forces for electromagnetism, gravity and the strong force were worked into the model. The theory was given the name Energy Wave Theory and a web site was created at

In late 2017, he summarized the mathematical model into illustrations and analogies, publishing the sequel to his original book on particle physics, titled "Particles of the Universe 2: Disrupted". Given the highly visual nature of the work to communicate the theory, Jeff created a YouTube channel and Facebook channel and began posting videos to explain the findings and link explanations to the mathematical model.

Current Scientific Work

Jeff continues to refine the model for Energy Wave Theory and communicate its findings through papers, videos and the web site. Although as an entrepreneur, and not an academic, Jeff's stated goal since the original Particles of the Universe book is to utilize the science to make significant advancements in products. As such, he is working on concepts for products that prove a new science.

Personal Life

Jeff Yee currently lives in Dublin, California with his wife Jennifer and three adorable children.

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