Jim Hodges

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Jim Hodges
Born (1938-12-00)December 0, 1938 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Kurunjang, Victoria, Australia
Nationality Australian
Known for Fundamental Physics, Relativity
Scientific career
Fields Citizen

James Newport Hodges, Founder-Director, S. J. Prokhovnik Institute, AKA The Ether Drift Club (1997). My serious interest in fundamental physics began in 1994 when I conducted a thought experiment in which two relatively moving spaceships measure each other's lengths by the clashing of their antennae. I concluded that the only way that each ship could measure the other as being contracted would be if one was really contracted and the other only pretended to be so. From this I concluded that special relativity is a serious scientific and social scandal.


  • Ether Drift Experiment Number 1 (1995).
  • Re-evaluation and Replacement of the Relativistic Doppler Formula with Expressions Derived from Lorentzian Theory (1995)
  • Time Odyssey 3030, from Twin Paradox to Ether Theory (1996).