John K Harms

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John K. Harms
John K. Harms
Born (1959-07-03)July 3, 1959
Residence Bastrop, TX, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Gravity, Inertia, Astronomy, Solar System, Galaxy, Cosmology
When in California, I studied physics for the first time on my own in December, 1985. I read every book in several libraries in the area and had my own collection as well. It was at this time that I developed my darkness theories, gravity and eventually planetary expansion. I was even invited to visit Russia in St. Petersburg to present my ideas on gravity in person on July 3rd of 2000.

I was a constant reader of physics books and listened to books on tape on the subject when I worked. The time at home allowed me to pursue my research interests in physics as well as various other topics you see on my website.