Karim Amen Khaidarov

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Karim Amen Khaidarov
Karim Amen Khaidarov
Born (1952-12-00)December 0, 1952 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Borovoye, Aqmola obl., Kazakhstan
Nationality Kazakh
Known for astrophysics, seismology, aether, ecology, wildfires, IT
Scientific career
Fields Mathematician, Seismologist, Computer Programmer
  • Scientific researcher of natural processes, ecologist (Representative of Global Fire Monitoring Centre of FAO UN in Kazakhstan)
  • Mathematician on pattern recognition, theory of information, logic
  • Seismologist on planetary seismology, earthquake prediction, sites test
  • High-frequency radio, analog and digital electronic engineer
  • Programmer (MS-DOS / Windows-9X, Assembler IntelX86, C, C++, Clarion, Fortran, Basic, HTML/DHTML, Perl)

Director of Private Bourabai Research Institution. CV on http://bourabai.kz/director.htm

Since 1993, Karim Khaidarov has maintained the Bourabai Research website, featuring the work of many alternative and mainstream scientists from Russia, USA, Europe, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Their sub-sites available on consolidated web-page Ether Theory Knights