Karlheinz Baumgartl

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Karlheinz Baumgartl
Karlheinz Baumgartl
Born (1935-12-00)December 0, 1935 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence D-84367 Zeilarn-Oberhaus, Germany
Nationality German
Known for Astronomy, Cosmology, Relativity

Karlheinz Baumgartl was a chemistry-technician 20 years in the chemical industry, first in the analytical research department and later as an outside representative. Since 1984, he works as a freelance referent for public education. He is totally independent of any institution. He was born and raised in Heidelberg-Neuenheim, and later he left the city to live in the countryside, so he could fullfill his ideals. In 1971/72 he purchased the property "Oberhaus?, a former agricultural property in Zeilarn (county Pfarrkirchen in Lower Bavaria). On this property he developed a garden, and planted a thousand trees, built a greenhouse, and in 1978 a small observatory, a programm, that was not possible to achieve in his old hometown.


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