Keeping Theoretical Physics on Track

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Scientific Paper
Title Keeping Theoretical Physics on Track
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Author(s) Robert L Oldershaw
Keywords theoretical physicists, Grand Unified Theories, theoretical physics
Published 1994
Journal Apeiron
Volume 1
Number 20
No. of pages 5
Pages 35-39

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During the early 1980s theoretical physicists were so impressed with the perceived potential of Grand Unified Theories in particle physics, and the Inflationary Scenario in cosmology, that some were envisioning an 'end of physics' and were wondering what to do after the basic foundations of theoretical physics were 'finished'. Rest assured, their jobs were never in jeopardy, and many theoretical physicists have backed away from such grandiose claims. However, from the way that phrases like 'theory of everything' and 'wavefunction of the Universe' are still popping up, it appears that the disease 'unreasonable confidence in highly speculative models' has not been eradicated, but rather is only in partial remission.