Latent Factors in Relativistic Theories

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Scientific Paper
Title Latent Factors in Relativistic Theories
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Published 2008
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 19
Number S1
Pages 3-13


This work obtains the transformation converting equations invariant under Lorentz transformation into mathematically isomorphic equations that satisfy the relativity principle of Galileo-Newton. This duality of description for one physical situation is shown to be the consequence of the existence of ?latent factors? in Lorentz-invariant theories. Such factors are: 1) the structure of space that, as a physical object, turns out to be a set of quasi-one-dimensional space-threads created by material particles in their physical interactions with each other; 2) the universal super-light signal ensuring causal interaction of phenomena in Nature. The work results in a theory based on the relativity and locality principles of physical interactions and on Newton?s concept of absolute time. This theory generalizes SRT, revealing a dependence of light speed on the velocity of its source that is not a classical addition of these velocities. The theory is corroborated by the derivation of Doppler?s optical effect on the basis of the same principles that predetermine its acoustic analog. Conditions under which this effect can be broken are determined. A new interpretation of the experiments with EPR-pairs is given. Some restrictions on applicability of Bell?s inequalities are specified, and some opportunities for testing the theory for quantum and classical objects are proposed.