Light Waves as a Many-Particle Phenomenon

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Scientific Paper
Title Light Waves as a Many-Particle Phenomenon
Author(s) Peter Marquardt
Keywords photons, light waves
Published 2006
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 3
Number 2
Pages 172-173


Light possesses an independent existence while in transit from a source to its point of arrival. Waves and quantization are the consequence of many particles coherently forming rigid crystalline arrays. The mathematics of the Newton particle flux theory and of the wave in a medium theory for light are isomorphous. Both are valid for interacting particle ensembles only. The loss of interference below a critical intensity threshold proves the emission of photon bunches. Single photons are never involved nor observed in any experiment, the photoelectrical effect included. Single particles do not make waves. The Maxwell field theory, while yielding mathematical answers in agreement with some observations, cannot provide a physical basis for the existence of light.