Magnetic Amplifiers

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Magnetic Amplifiers
Magnetic Amplifiers 933.jpg
Author George B Trinkaus
Published 2000
Publisher High Voltage Press
Pages 24
ISBN 0970961855

By the U.S. Navy (1951). First came the vacuum tube, then the transistor, right? Not really. In between there is another "lost" entity. Electronics engineers of the 1950's believed the rugged little magnetic amplifier was going to replace the less reliable vacuum tube in all its functions up to a megacycle. Originating in the USA but adopted and developed by the Nazis for the V2 missile, the mag amp after WWII found a clique of boosters among U.S. electronics engineers. Still evident in some regulators, the mag amp can also magnify, modulate, switch, invert, convert, phase shift, multiply, and even compute. It requires zero maintenance and can handle thousands of amperes. Modulate your Tesla coil with a mag amp. 43 illustrations. Not a reprint. Completely reset and redesigned. A Magnetic Amplifier Bibliography is published separately by High Voltage Press.

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