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Plate tectonics is the theory that tectonic plates slide around on a fixed radius earth moved by convection currents under the mantle. This is in contrast to expansion tectonics which states that continents have remained basically in tact and are moving apart on an expanding earth.

Main Objections to Expansion Tectonics

Plate tectonicists have several arguments they use to dismiss expansion tectonics. They include:

  • Expansion tectonics does not allow for nor explain subduction
  • There is no known mechanism in physics for explaining earth expansion or mass gain
  • Plate tectonics perfectly explains known data
  • There is no physical evidence (via satellite or GPS) that the earth is expanding

Main Objections to Plate Tectonics by Expansionists

There are many arguments brought up by expansion tectonicists about the failings of a fixed radius tectonic theory.

  • It is impossible to dismiss that all the continents today fit neatly onto a smaller orb across all oceans and this could not be a coincidence
  • There are flora and fauna data that are only found on Pacific Islands and on the west coast of the Americans that cannot be explained by plate tectonics
  • South and North Pole plots fits too well on an expanding earth and are very hard to explain using plate tectonics
  • All geologic data including what is said to be subduction can be explained by expansion tectonics.
  • Dinosaurs could not currently live in today's gravitational force