Maxwell?s Equations: A Serious Flaw

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Scientific Paper
Title Maxwell?s Equations: A Serious Flaw
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Author(s) Joseph F Cuny
Keywords maxwell equations
Published 2009
Journal None
No. of pages 3

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Comparison of Maxwell?s Equations with Faraday's work (the foundation of Maxwell) shows the equations do not describe electromagnetic waves; they only describe the associated field intensities. By contrast, Faraday?s work shows that an electromagnetic wave is a sequence of magnetically coupled photons where each photon is formed of a double loop (a figure eight) electric field with a magnetic field coating or sheath. The photons interact with and travel on Faraday?s electric fields that permeate otherwise ?empty space?. The physical size of a given photon depends on its energy and its interaction with the electric fields in the local environment. In addition, due to the magnetic sheath a photon can exchange energy with various atoms/ions. Finally there is a brief discussion of a critical difference between physical and mathematical waves, a difference known to many students but apparently forgotten by most scientists.