Measurement Theory via Hidden Variables Not Subject to Bell's Theorem

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Scientific Paper
Title Measurement Theory via Hidden Variables Not Subject to Bell\'s Theorem
Author(s) Thomas E Phipps
Keywords quantum mechanics, measurement theory, hidden variables, time asymmetry, Bell's theorem
Published 1988
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 1
Number 1
Pages 20-23


Quantum measurement theory is subject to improvement through enhanced rigor of the formal Correspondence between c-number and q-number physics. Such rigor, based upon a covering theory of the Hamilton-Jacobi formalism, implies restoration on the q-number side of formal analogs of the classical ?new canonical variables? or constants of the motion, which in quantum description become ?hidden variables? appearing in a phase factor on the wave function. Though not subject to Bell's theorem, such hidden parameters (dynamical constants) are capable of severing phase connections through unpredictable ?phase jumps? descriptive in phase space of localized events (after the fact). Prediction thus remains probabilistic, but factual history loses all statistical attributes in a description asymmetrical between past and future.