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Mel E. Winfield
Mel E. Winfield
Born (1927-01-25)January 25, 1927
Residence Vancouver, BC, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Known for Nucleonic Energy, Hutchison Effect, Vortex Theory, Antigravity, Magnetic Propulsion
Scientific career
Fields Entrepreneur

Mel Winfield is a Canadian autodidact and inventor who created what he calls the theory of nucleonic energy. This is a term used by him to explain the effects he claims to have produced that are not understood by mainstream physics. His experiments have yet to be scientifically verified or reproduced.

It is a set of properties resembling John Hutchison. He states that it was solely through his theories and work that the The Hutchison Effect was developed by John Hutchison. Winfield has said that Hutchison refined the anti-gravity effect into a controllable form. Documents were published, signed by Hutchison, to support Winfield's claim to being the originator of the theory that Hutchison demonstrated.

Winfield believes that he is tapping into the angular momentum energy of the nucleon, the proton and the neutron, as it orbits within the nucleus of the atom, by reversing the nucleonic spin axis. The Magnus Effect then redirects the gravitational effect. The full details are found in his book "The Science of Actuality" (ISBN 0973934700).

He graduated with senior matriculation at seventeen [Equivalent to first year U.B.C.].  Earned electrician certificate and certificate as operator of special engineering equipment while in the army. Held Corporal Acting Sergeant rank until discharge at 19 after which he attended U.B.C.

The next seven years were spent in mining promotion. Three properties were developed from over 100 examined. The first, diamond drilled by Mel Winfield, had valuable Gallium ore blocked out, and now saleable in quantity. This is the only commercial deposit in the world and is still available. The second site operated as a mine until the Trail Smelter's rates were raised. The third was diamond drilled by Mel Winfield, who also put in a road and a camp. This mine was then sold out to a New York millionaire for one half of the venders shares of a public stock company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Over the next few years Mel Winfield built and operated an indoor motion picture theatre near Trail, B.C. After one year of operation the management of this theatre was turned over to an associate, at which time Mel Winfield returned to Vancouver.  On his return, he successfully opened and operated a sales agency, later being sold to facilitate the freedom to pursue a more creative life work.

Winfield is the founder and owner of several manufacturing companies: Northwest Engineering Ltd., Winfield Industries Ltd., Winfield Invention Technologies Inc., Featherlift Overdoors Inc., employing up to eighteen people at a time. Winfield Industries Ltd., with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Northwest Engineering Ltd., was established. This encompassed a machine shop, foundry and pattern shop operated with a staff of 16. The operation was streamlined, operating at a high degree of efficiency when control and management then transferred to Charles H. Nelson of Marine and Industrial Supply Ltd. The end of 1960 saw the formation of Winfield Invention and Research Ltd.

He is married to Yvonne Winfield and has one son from a previous marriage named Ray (born 1956). -


With this company, prototypes of several of his inventions were developed and an electro-mechanical timing device put on the market. He then designed, manufactured and marketed [with his 17 employees] a new shoring jack for the construction industry. This jack proved superior to any other jack on the market. At the same time, a division was created, with two additional employees, to manufacture and install a new, springless, overhead garage door. The garage door business carried on for twelve years with up to eight employees. He specialized in two unique door systems of his own design suitable for local installations and later expanded into the metal forming business of construction products. He thus brings to the Company 35 years of business management experience as President of the said manufacturing companies as well as the previous occupations mentioned in mining promotion, construction, theatre management and sales company management.


In the field of science he has made several scientific breakthroughs and has written books which have outlined new ideas. The first book published in 1977, the second in 1983 and the third, which incorporates the scientific portions of the first two plus very much more, in 2000. He is presently President of a scientific corporation developing the applications arising out of them.

Nucleonic Energy:

A brand new technology has been developed by him and has been further developed by him and his associates. This technology is the greatest humanitarian and environmental advance in the history of the world. It is, by far, much greater than that of electricity. He has called it nucleonic energy because it is obtained by tapping into the angular, or rotational, energy of the proton and neutron, known as nucleons, that make up the nuclei of all the atomic structure. The technology reverses the spin axis of the nucleon, or directs its orientation to any direction desired, to produce all forms of motion. Presently, the spin axes of all nucleons are oriented so as to produce motion towards the Earth center. This is know as gravity. This is fully explained in the book "The Science of Actuality" by Mel E. Winfield and has been proven by mathematics and by experiments which include dropping experiments and actual levitation of objects, of many materials, up to sixty pounds or more.