Michael R Treat

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Michael R. Treat
Michael R. Treat
Residence Wayne, PA, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Tesla, atmospheric charge

Michael R Treat MD is the founder and chairman of Robotic Systems & Technologies, Inc. (www.roboticsystech.com). The company is producing the world's first semi-autonomous, ?seeing? robotic system to work in the hospital. Michael Treat has a twenty five year career as a general surgeon at Columbia-Presbyterian and is an accomplished and commercially successful inventor of surgical devices, notably the Starion Instruments line of thermal tissue welding devices (starioninstruments.com). Currently, he lives and works as an inventor in Philadelphia. His current focus is an alternative energy scheme involving atmospheric electricity. He is forming a new company, Energy Farms, Inc., to bring this into usage. The purpose of this new venture is to provide franchises to allow people to become ?energy farmers? who can use an assortment of energy ?crops? to ?grow? energy that can be sold back to the grid. Energy farmers will be able to live and tend their farms not only in rural but in urban settings. Part of the energy produced will be used to grow real crops via hydroponics.