Millennium Twain

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Millennium Twain
Millennium Twain
Born (1955-12-00)December 0, 1955 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Hamilton 2001, New Zealand
Nationality USA
Known for Toroidal Ring, Nuclear Structure

Calls himself Messiah Twain.  Currently in California?

Old addresses:

  • PO Box E, Menlo Park, CA 94026
  • PO Box 21-972, Henderson, West Auckland, New Zealand

Old phone: (415) 851-9099

Old websites:

Edited a magazine, Ratbag Antiphysics Rag (RAPR) 1994-1996, "Media to circumvent the peer-review of covert science."  Large bibliography of journal and self-pub papers by dissident (non-mainstream) physicists, amateurs, thinkers.