N and Omega

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N and Omega
N and Omega 715.jpg
Author Sam Micheal
Publisher scribd.com
Pages 76

This book is intended for a general audience interested in science, physics, or unification physics. It is intended to be readable and enjoyable. The author frequently makes fun of science, physics, and himself ? so please read with an open mind!

About the author:

SG Micheal was formally educated in statistics, psychology, and systems science at <place w:st="on"></place><placename w:st="on"></placename>Michigan<placetype w:st="on"></placetype> State University. He also has graduate level education in nuclear, mechanical, and electrical engineering from various other institutions. He has written several books on physics and systems.

About the theory:

This theory has been developing for about twenty-five years in fits-and-starts. It has matured to a point in need ? to reach a broader audience. It is not sophisticated mathematically but based on an engineering perspective ? with elements rooted in established and accepted engineering principles.

About the title:

N is for Newton, the SI unit of force; ? is for ohm, the SI unit of resistance. Z0, the impedance of space, has units in ohms; Y0, the elasticity of space, has units in newtons. Other than dimensionality, these are the only two qualities of space-time.