Newtonian Limit of Einstein's Field Equations Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Einstein's Lambda

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Scientific Paper
Title Newtonian Limit of Einstein\'s Field Equations Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Einstein\'s Lambda
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Author(s) James G Gilson
Keywords Einstein's Field Equations, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Lambda
Published 2009
Journal None
No. of pages 13

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The stress energy momentum tensor with its invariant contracted scalar from Einstein's field equations are used to show that the pressure term they involve is responsible for inducing additional mass density, above that which is historically thought to be present. This has significant consequences for both the dark matter and dark energy problems. The additional material in the case of normally gravitating material might reasonably be taken to be the missing dark matter required for the stability of galaxies. The negative pressure of the dark energy is shown to induce just the right amount of extra negatively gravitating material to account for its usually assumed equation of state and also confirming the physical dark energy density I have deduced as being present in astrospace in earlier papers.