Nikolai Rudakov

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Nikolai Rudakov
Nikolai Rudakov
Born (1921-04-08)April 8, 1921
Died (2002-06-18)June 18, 2002
Residence Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Nationality Russian Australian
Known for Special Relativity

Nikolai Rudakov was born in 1921 in Petrograd (St.Petersburg), Russia and moved to Germany as an infant. He studied medicine at the University of Berlin, but did not complete his clinical studies. After WW2 he moved to Australia with his family and completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne in 1965 with a special interest in History and Philosophy of Science. His philosophical studies induced a desire to understand special relativity, which ultimately led to his book, Fiction Stranger Than Truth: In the Metaphysical Labyrinth of Relativity.