On the "Speed of Gravity"

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Scientific Paper
Title On the \"Speed of Gravity\"
Author(s) Tom Van Flandern
Keywords force of gravity, speed of light, gravity waves
Published 1993
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 4
Number 2
Pages 35-37


The question is often asked, "At what speed does the force of gravity propagate?" To answer this question properly, one must first define terms to insure that the question is well-formed. The quick answer one invariably hears to the question above is "at (or near) the speed of light". But this answer is incorrect. This false but widespread impression has taken hold because there is a hypothetical phenomenon called "gravity waves" which, if they exist, are expected to propagate at or near the speed of light. But gravity waves are not a factor in the question as posed; and may not exist at all. This paper examines why.