Only a ?Higg-ment? of Their Imagination

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Scientific Paper
Title Only a ?Higg-ment? of Their Imagination
Author(s) Jeffrey M Lee
Keywords higgs boson
Published 2008
Journal None


Anyone even only slightly involved with Physics today has heard of the ?LHC?, or Large Hadron Collider. This multi-billion dollar device, located approximately fifty meters below the ground's surface near Geneva Switzerland is the worlds largest high-energy particle accelerator and is capable of colliding beams of protons together moving in opposite directions at about 99.9999991 the speed of light. Built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) with the specific purpose of investigating the validity of various predictions of High- Energy Physics, the scientist at CERN, and all around the world, are primarily hoping to find evidence of the so-called: ?God Particle?, or ?Higgs Boson?, which is supposed to endow matter with its quality of inertia. In this paper we will now illustrate how, using a new kind of physics called: Reality Physics, the true cause of inertia has already been found obviously exposing the fact that this multi-billion dollar search for this non-existent particle (Higgs Boson) is a complete and total waste of both time and money. We also show, however, how the continued use of the LHC may eventually corroborate the proof, as presented here by Reality Physics, revealing that the inertial qualities of matter originate directly from the fact that all matter within the universe (all fermion subatomic particles) is made of (spinning) light.