Particle Versus Wave

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Scientific Paper
Title Particle Versus Wave
Author(s) Adolf Duesterhus
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Published 1999
Journal The Toth-Maatian Review
Volume 14
Number 3
Pages 6849-6887


Some aspects of the generally accepted wave-particle duality are discussed that defy understanding, and hence cannot represent reality. According to the 'magnetic concept' proposed by the author, the so-called electromagnetic radiation should consist of particles with certain force qualities. With proper, realistic, input quantities still not available for the 'magnetic concept', the principle of the reactions of photons as particles with force qualities is pursued with some phenomena. If reasonable input quantities can be established eventually, some of the detail and quantitative results will change. As the problems are posed, though, the photons of the 'magnetic concept' as particles can account for what is conventionally only possible to account for by regarding electromagnetic radiation as a wave phenomenon.