Peter Janich

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Peter Janich
Peter Janich
Born (1942-12-00)December 0, 1942 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Germany
Nationality German
Known for Relativity, Quantum Theory, Philosophy of Science
Scientific career
Fields Professor of Physics, Professor of Philosophy

Peter Janich is an important follower of Hugo Dingler?s Erlangen School of physics and philosophy, which incorporates relativity, quantum theory and quantum logic.


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Peter Janich (born 1942) is a professor of philosophy at the University of Marburg. Janich studied physics, philosophy and psychology at the Universities of Erlangen and Hamburg. He attained a doctorate in philosophy in 1969 and during 1969/70 was a guest lecturer at the University of Texas in Austin. From 1973-80 he was a professor for science theory of the accurate sciences at the University of Konstanz. Since 1980 he has held the chair for systematic philosophy with an emphasis on theoretical philosophy at the Philipps University of Marburg.

Janich is the joint founder and representative of the approach of methodical culturalism, a development of the methodical constructivism of the Erlanger school ("Erlanger constructivism"). He developed the concept of Protophysics with Paul Lorenzen and R?diger Inhetveen. - Wikipedia

Paul Lorenzen, noted for his work on constructive foundations of mathematics was a follower of Dingler, at least with respect to the foundations of geometry and physics. The so-called Erlangen School of followers and allies of Lorenzen, including Kuno Lorenz, Wilhelm Kamlah, and Peter Janich, and more indirectly, Juergen Mittelstrass, is thus in large part pursuing a modernized version of Dingler?s program which claims to incorporate relativity, quantum theory and quantum logic. - Hugo Dingler?s Wikipedia page