Physics of Motion

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Physics of Motion
Author Rudolf Nedwed
Published 2000
Publisher Rudolf Nedwed

The book Physics of Motion is a new and complete theory providing a new insight into the nature and propagation of light, also providing general solution of motion relations based on classical physics, and that without any paradoxes.

As many as four absolutely new principles had to be discovered and formulated by the book's author in order to provide a complete corpuscular explanation of light - these principles together form a complete theory, with far reaching consequences to be appreciated by the whole scientific world. The theory unmistakenly shows that all experiments with light done so far prove perfectly well the light's corpuscular nature, and that they admit nothing else. The book does not polemise with existing assumptions or theories: it indisputably refutes and replaces them on the basis of logic and classical physics.

Some parts of Physics Of Motion have been published earlier as articles in peer scientific journals and approved as such for print by reviewers - these parts are arranged now in a logical and comprehensive sequence, and supplemented with new details and knowledge. Physics Of Motion offers a complete substitution theory (as opposed to the criticism of Einstein's and other assumptions by contemporary authors which is either fragmented and insufficient, or it does not explain why those assumptions are wrong, and it does not replace or supplement those assumptions).

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