Problems of Quantum Mechanics

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Scientific Paper
Title Problems of Quantum Mechanics
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Author(s) Thomas E Phipps
Keywords Quantum Mechanics
Published 1996
Journal Apeiron
Volume 3
Number 3-4
No. of pages 5
Pages 121-130

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A recent Special Issue on fundamental problems of quantum physics (Barut et al. 1995) confirmed widespread recognition of the persistent difficulties of quantum measurement theory and its canonical 'Copenhagen interpretation.' The measurement theory problems were faced with ingenuity, fortitude, and a shared hope for 'hidden variables.' What they were not faced with in respect to the latter was consensus.

That being the case, there remains room for consideration of still other approaches to hidden variables than those favored by the particular authorities chosen. I shall confine attention here to my own penchant on this subject, which will be summarized in the same spirit of "science criticism" as my previous essay (Phipps 1995), in which I touted the advantages of a Galilean invariant covering theory of Maxwell-Einstein electromagnetism first propounded by Hertz (1892).