Proceedings of the Conference on Foundations in Mathematics and Physics

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Proceedings of the Conference on Foundations in Mathematics and Physics
Proceedings of the Conference on Foundations in Mathematics and Physics 85.jpg
Author Paul Wesley, Umberto Bartocci
Published 1989
Publisher Benjamin Wesley
Pages 396
ISBN 3980094235

This book presents 26 papers concerning important fundamental questions in mathematics and physics. Is a line a continuum or a dense set of points? Is space empty or does it contain an ether? Is the ether a sea of virtual particles or a gravitational field? Does quantum theory say nature is actually unpredictable? Can alternative logics resolve paradoxes in physics? Are the space-time ideas of relativity tenable? Can absolute velocities be measured? Can conservation of energy be violated? Why are gravitational and inertial masses equal? Does mass really change with velocity? The authors do not agree with each other. Some accept relativity, while others say it is wrong. The observed force between suspended antennas and the results of many other experiments contradict Maxwell theory and special relativity and are predicted by classical Weber electrodynamics. Some claim quantum behavior is intrinsically unpredictable; while others claim microphysical reality and suggest crucial experiments to prove their point. There is a claim to having observed cold nuclear fusion in a spark discharge. There is a claim to having violated the conservation of momentum and energy experimentally. The Weber potential (so successful in electrodynamics) when applied to gravitation predicts the mass-times-acceleration force as an induction force due to the far mass in the universe, verifying Mach?s principle and proving the identity of gravitational and inertial mass. A unipolar device is described that is supposed to extract energy from space. The Weber potential also predicts the result of the Kaufmann-Bucherer experiments; so mass may not, in fact, vary with velocity. This book presents some new important concrete results. It may not provide the reader with the particular answers he seeks; but many of the important fundamental questions are presented; and it provides a gold mine of references to facilitate the search for further answers.


  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Edit&tab1=Members&tab2=Display&id=565 Giuseppe Antoni], Special Relativity as an Evolution of Classical Physics  1
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=52 Prof. Andre K. T. Assis], Modern Experiments Related to Weber's Electrodynamics  8
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1334 Giovanni Boniolo], E?tv?s Experiment, General Relativity and the Problems of Incommensurability  23
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=889 Giuseppe Cannata], Mechanical Image of Electromagnetism  33
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=889 Giuseppe Cannata], The Need for a Probabilistic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: Cause and Results  53
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=296 Prof. Jorge C. Cur?], On the Identity of Einstein's Cosmic Ether  61
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1337 Francesco de Stefano], About a Gedankenexperiment to Test the Conceptual Foundations of Quantum Mechanics  82
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=112 Dr. Georg Galeczki], About Inertial Frames of Reference, Velocities and Velocity-Dependent Masses  93
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1338 Enrico Giannetto], La Logica Quantistica tra Fondamenti della Matematica e Fondimenti della Fisica  107
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=117 Dr. Peter Graneau], Has the Mystery of Inertia Been Solved?  129
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=389 Prof. Ludwig Kostro], Albert Einstein and the Ether  137
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=276 Dr. Stefan Marinov], Violation of the Laws of Conservation of Angular Momentum and Energy  163
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1350 Lorenzo Mencherini], On the Concept of Integrality in the Theory of Special Relativity  179
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=344 Dr. Theodore D. Mitsopoulos], Disproof of Specila Relativity and Restoration of Classical Physics  183
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=291 Panos T. Pappas], Non-Relativistic Forms of Antenna  203
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1351 Erasmo Recami] & [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1352 Vilson Tonin-Zanchin], Fifth Force, Sixth Force, and All That: A Theoretical (Classical) Comment  215
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=283 Dr. Waldyr Alves Rodrigues Jr.] & Q. A. G. de Souza, The Status of the Principle of Relativity  221
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1009 Torgny Sj?din], Real and Apparent Effects in Special Relativity  230
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1357 di Francesco Speranza], La Riduzione di una Disciplina a un'Altra: una Strategia Generale?  237
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1358 Omero Speri] & [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1359 Pietro Zorzi], Nuclear Fusion from Hydrogen and Its Isotopes in an Electric Discharge  248
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=567 Paramahamsa Tewari], Physics and Technology of the Phenomenon of Space Power Generation  253
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=344 Dr. Theodore D. Mitsopoulos], Diurnal Terrestial Aberration of Light  261
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1362 Tito Tonietta], Continuum's Continuous Conflict  271
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=55 Dr. Paul Wesley], Evidence for Weber-Wesley Electrodynamics  289
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=1363 Antonino Drago], The Two Options Generating Incommensurability Among Scientific Theories  344
  • [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Scientists&tab2=Display&id=295 Dr. Franco Selleri], On the Possibility of a Rationalistic Approach to Microphysics  357