QA-1 Natural Arithmetic

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QA-1 Natural Arithmetic
Author Ben Iverson
Publisher ITAM
Pages 91
ISBN B0001794 Invalid ISBN

Volume 1 in set of 3. The basic introduction to Quantum Arithmetic. This should be understandable to a student which is 10 years of age, and is grounded in addition, subtraction and multiplication. A little basic algebra would be helpful. These books are designed for school text books. Although they can be started at a young age, it does not mean that more highly educated persons will find it easy. They may find it quite difficult because they will have certain learnings to forget.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Review
  • Chapter 1 - Fibonacci, Pythagoras & Primes
  • Chapter 2 - Prime Pythagorean Triangles
  • Chapter 3 - Algebra
  • Chapter 4 - Plato & A'Hmose
  • Chapter 5 - Koenig Series
  • Chapter 6 - Ellipse of Archimedes
  • Chapter 7 - History Problems & Questions Index

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