Quantum Correlations From a Logical Point of View

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Scientific Paper
Title Quantum Correlations From a Logical Point of View
Author(s) Nikos A Tambakis
Keywords quantum correlations, logical, point of view, incompleteness, EPR paradox, mathematical formulation
Published 1994
Journal None
Pages 565-569


Quantum mechanical correlations have been thought of as a paradox or, alternatively, as a sign of incompleteness of standard quantum theory. Certainly, from a logical point of view, paradox and incompleteness are not equivalent. The concept of "paradox" is thus analyzed and the possible ways out discussed. The so-called EPR-paradox is recast in an elementary logical form of a "debate argument", i.e., where two seemingly sound arguments contradict each other. A way out of it, that of adding new dimensions, is discussed and a very general mathematical formulation if offered.