Quantum Nonlocal Action and Inertial Mass from Mach's Conjecture

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Scientific Paper
Title Quantum Nonlocal Action and Inertial Mass from Mach\'s Conjecture
Author(s) Robert B Driscoll
Keywords inertial mass, quantum nonlocal action, hyperluminal velocity, Mach's conjecture
Published 1989
Journal Physics Essays
Volume 2
Number 3
Pages 237-238


The Mach momentum qA of a particle, the product of its conjectured Mach charge q and the ambient Mach vector potential A, is the homolog of its electromagnetic inductive momentum. If the particle's velocity is , its ?inertial mass? is the ratio m = qA/v. It is conjectured that the field of the Mach charge is propagated at hyperluminal velocity, causing physical relations underlying quantum laws presently understood as ?acausality,? ?nonlocal action,? or ?action-at-a-distance.?