Quantum Theory Compatible Galilean Relativity

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Scientific Paper
Title Quantum Theory Compatible Galilean Relativity
Author(s) Curtis E Renshaw
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Published 2007
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 4
Number 2
Pages 214


Special relativity (SRT) is incompatible with quantum theory. The major discrepancy arises from a conflict with Bell's theorem which states that any model of reality must be non-local; that is, information must travel faster than light in any acceptable model of reality. If Bell's model is correct, we live in a superluminal reality, in violation of SRT, which states that no information can travel faster than c. This paper presents a model of light that is completely compatible with quantum theory and that is also compatible with all experiments performed to date in support of SRT. The resulting treatment of this model applied to Maxwell's equations produces a Galilean relativistic form, eliminating the concepts of length contraction and time dilation, while still supporting all secondary effects such as apparent mass increase with velocity, clock slowing under acceleration, and the solar deflection of light, to name a few. As with SRT, this is an etherless model, evoking no preferred rest frame, and supports experiments including Michelon-Morley, Michel- son-Gale, Fizeau and others. In addition to its compatibility with quantum theory, this interpretation of light's observed properties opens up the very real possibility of communications systems sharing information at speeds far in excess of c, as would be necessary for interstellar communications and deep space probes and travel.