Ralph E Juergens

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Ralph E. Juergens
Ralph E. Juergens
Born (1924-05-06)May 6, 1924
Died (1979-11-02)November 2, 1979
Residence United States
Nationality USA
Known for Electric Universe, Velikovsky

Ralph E. Juergens is notable for his contributions documenting the so-called "Velikovsky Affair", with co-authors [/Alfred_de_Grazia Alfred de Grazia] and [/Livio_Catullo_Stecchini Livio Stecchini]. He subsequently developed of a hypothesis in which the Sun and stars are electrically powered, contrary to the standard view that the Sun powered by nuclear fusion. While the "Electric Sun" hypothesis has received unfavourable review, it has become a core component of the non-mainstream Electric Universe hypothesis. Juergens was trained as a civil engineer, received a B.S from Case Western Reserve University, and resided in Arizona. He also worked as an editor in the publications division of McGraw-Hill, inc., and was an Associate Editor of [/Pens%C3%A9e Pens?e] magazine, and a Senior Editor of [/Kronos Kronos] journal. - Velikovsky Encyclopedia


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