Ralph Ring

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Ralph Ring
Ralph Ring
Born (1937-12-00)December 0, 1937 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Las Vegas, NV, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Antigravity

Ralph Ring is a brilliant innovative technician who as a young man in the late 1950s and early 1960s worked closely with [/php2/index.php?tab0=Scientists&tab1=Display&id=1134 Otis T. Carr]. With the aid of his small team, Carr, who was himself a proteg? of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, built a number of flying disks, which worked.... prior to their experimentation being forcibly terminated by government agents.

In a dramatic experiment, Ring co-piloted a 45 foot disk a distance of ten miles, arriving at their destination instantaneously. Ring, now aged 71, tells his story ? the first time it has been reported.